Göke Lab

Computational Genomics and Transcriptomics @ GIS


How can different cell types arise from the same genome? What discriminates a normal cell from a cancer cell? Will genomics data help to understand, model, and predict human disease progression?

Welcome to the website of Jonathan Göke’s team at the Genome Institute of Singapore!

We’re a computational genomics group searching for answers to these questions. We develop algorithms and investigate genomics and transcriptomics data to study cellular identity and the origin of human diseases. Our group specifically works on third generation sequencing technology. We are located at the Genome Institute of Singapore. Read more about us, our research and publications, or available scholarships (PhD, internships) and positions.

Recent lab news

13/01/2020: Deniz has prepared detailed supplementary tables for his manuscript (Demircioglu et al. (2019)). You can find the additional information here

05/11/2019: Jonathan presents at the Frontiers in Cancer Science meeting in Singapore

05/09/2019: Our first paper is published on the cover of Cell! Congratulations to the first author Deniz Demircioglu and everyone else who has contributed! You can read the article here.Cell Cover 2019

01/07/2019: Postdoctoral positions are available for computational postdocs to work on long read direct RNA-Sequencing, you can contact Jonathan for more details.

28/2/2019: You can watch a webinar about the Singapore Nanopore-Expression project today

15/2/2019: Happy Chinese New Year! Some updates to the team site and new pictures from this year’s Lo Hei

29/11/2018: Jonathan will present data from the Singapore Nanopore-Expression Consortium (SG-NEx) at the Nanopore Community Meeting in San Francisco

16/09/2018: 3 new lab members joined us in August and September: Welcome Naruemon Pratanwanich (Ploy), Chen Ying, and Christopher Hendra!

10/09/2018: Jonathan gives a talk about Precision Medicine and Genomics Technologies at the Data Science in Health Symposium, Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre

24/06/2018: New publication from the Göke lab in collaboration with Azims Surani and Chris Smith in Cambridge (https://www.nature.com/articles/s414…)

16/03/2018: Jonathan present at the Global Young Investigator Forum 2018 in Nagoya, Japan

14/03/2018: Jonathan will present 2 workshops on analysing ChIP-Seq data, RNA-Seq data, and experimental design at Nagoya University

14/12/2017: Our team ranked top in the Dream Multiple Myeloma Risk Prediction machine learning challenge! Congratulations to Christine Eng and Jiayi Bao!

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