Göke Lab

Computational Genomics and Transcriptomics @ GIS


How can different cell types arise from the same genome? What discriminates a normal cell from a cancer cell? Will genomics data help to understand, model, and predict human disease progression?

Welcome to the website of Jonathan Göke’s team at the Genome Institute of Singapore!

We’re a computational genomics group searching for answers to these questions. We develop algorithms and investigate genomics and transcriptomics data to study cellular identity and the origin of human diseases. The group is located at the Genome Institute of Singapore. Read more about us, our research and publications, or available scholarships (PhD, internships) and positions.

Recent lab news

10/01/2018: New postdoc position available! Have a look in the postdoc section and feel free to write to Jonathan for more information.

14/12/2017: Our team ranked top in the Dream Multiple Myeloma Risk Prediction machine learning challenge! Congratulations to Christine Eng and Jiayi Bao!
07/11/2017: Jonathan presents at the EMBL Cancer Genomics meeting in Heidelberg
13/09/2017: Jonathan will give a talk in the Computational Biology lunchtime seminar at DUKE-NUS today, 12-1pm
16/08/2017: The lab’s first biorxiv preprint is posted online: A pan cancer analysis of promoter activity highlights the regulatory role of alternative transcription start sites and their association with noncoding mutations
31/07/2017: Christine Eng joined our group to work on machine learning using genomics and clinical data. Welcome Christine!
24/07/2017: Deniz Demircioglu from our group presents his work on promoters in cancer at ISMB 2017 in Prague. Congratulations Deniz!
09/05/2017: Jonathan will present about the group’s work on promoters in cancer at the CSH Biology of Genomes meeting.
20/04/2017: Martin Kindermans joined our group in March. Welcome!
06/03/2017: “Introduction to Genomics” guest lecture by Jonathan for the Data Science program at NUS, 12-14h, Statistics Department

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