News Archive

01/07/2017: Still one open postdoc position is available to work on transcriptomics data and algorithms development, information can be found here.
16/05/2017: The group recruits new postdoctoral fellows! If you have a PhD in computer science, bioinformatics, or statistics and you’re interested in transcriptomics, cancer genomics, or machine learning then send an inquiry email to Jonathan Göke. More information can be found here.
09/05/2017: Jonathan will present about the group’s work on promoters in cancer at the CSH Biology of Genomes meeting.
20/04/2017: Martin Kindermans joined our group in March. Welcome!
06/03/2017: “Introduction to Genomics” guest lecture by Jonathan for the Data Science program at NUS, 12-14h, Statistics Department
02/12/2016: Jonathan presents about word statistics, machine learning, and large-scale data analysis at the Statistics Department of NUS, 4pm
10/11/2016: Today is the c-BIG Symposium 2016, find out more about c-BIG here:
10/10/2016: Updated information about research internships and PhD scholarships at GIS.
29/09/2016: The research section was updated to cover some of our ongoing research themes.
21/09/2016: Jonathan presents about tanscriptomics data analysis and experimental design: workshop@ INCOB 2016
20/09/2016: New website launch! Still under construction, look out for updates in the next weeks.